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Whether you’re just starting your career, or are looking to make a switch, an apprenticeship can help you achieve your personal and professional goals. We'll help find the right opportunity for you.

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Apprenticeship are a tried and true model that helped build the modern American economy, and Colorado is leading the new evolution of apprenticeship into dynamic and diverse fields such as IT, finance and healthcare.

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You’ll spend part of your day in your traditional high school classroom, and up to 20 hours a week at a paid position with your employer. Work-based learning provides a practical environment to apply what you’re learning at school, as well as meaningful experience that will help you achieve your career goals.

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Youth apprentice wages are lower than other training wages, and businesses are supported by CareerWise Colorado, a nonprofit intermediary that works as your partner to maximize your ROI and address any concerns. Youth apprenticeship can create the skilled-talent pipeline you need to enable long-term sustainability and keep your business' talent advantage.

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