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The registered apprenticeship model gives employers an opportunity to build a workforce trained to meet their specific skill needs. Apprenticeships offer a flexible training solution, aligned with national and company-specific standards resulting in a well-skilled, well-rounded worker who's ready for a professional career in the company. Apprenticeships are a great way to develop a pipeline of talented, high-skilled workers to help businesses grow.

The average return on investment for companies with registered apprenticeships is $1.46 for each dollar invested, and 91% of apprentices that complete their training are still employed nine months later. (US Department of Labor)


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Business Testimonials


Benefits for Employers


Develop highly skilled, highly productive employees.


Increase productivity and your bottom line.


Improve safety in the workplace.


Reduce turnover rates and increase employee retention.


Create industry-driven and flexible training solutions to meet national and local needs.


Generate a more diverse workforce and new pool of trained workers.


It is an opportunity for individuals to use their ‘college years’ to gain valuable experience, avoid student debt and set a course for a well-paid future in the advanced manufacturing industry.
— Chris Fagnant, Qualtek President
We know that a properly trained workforce will minimize our risk, improve on safety and provide a quality installation for our customers. We believe that this is most valuable at the apprenticeship level.
— Chris B., MTech, CITC Board Member
Providing apprentices the theory and education behind the tasks that they are performing during the day is extremely important to the overall development of a safe and well-rounded employee.
— Nate O., Hunt Electric
Creation of a Registered Apprenticeship program has given AFM the unique opportunity to better recruit quality medical assistants in a tight labor market. This opportunity for a paid training attracts excellent candidates while allowing AFM to develop medical assistants in our own image.
— Lucinda Womack, Associates in Family Medicine