Apprenticeships for Job Seekers

work-based learning can help you achieve your personal and professional goals


An apprenticeship is an opportunity to receive hands-on career training, an education and a paycheck! Apprentices earn while they learn, reducing their need to take on debt. In fact, nearly 9 out of 10 apprentices are employed after completing their apprenticeship, with an average starting salary of $60K per year.

Want a successful career? Want to get additional training without racking up debt? Find a program in your area that lets you earn and learn at the same time.


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Apprentice Testimonials




A paycheck from day one, guaranteed to increase over time as you learn new skills.


Hands-on career training in a wide selection of programs, such as healthcare, construction, information technology and geospatial careers.


An education and the potential to earn college credit, even an associate or bachelor's degree. In many cases it’s paid for by your employer.


A career once you complete your apprenticeship. You will be on your way to a successful long-term career with a competitive salary and little or no educational debt.


National industry certification upon graduation from a career training program. You can take that certification anywhere in the United States.


Recognized partners, including many of the nation's most recognizable companies, such as CVS Pharmacy and UPS.


The best part of being an apprentice would be the work, because you learn so many things that you would not otherwise learn from being in the classroom.
— Alexandria
I never would have imagined that a career like this was even a possibility without a college degree. Techtonic Academy has literally changed my life.
— Edgar C., Techtonic Apprentice
A year ago I was working in a pizza restaurant. Today I am working at a big tech company working on cool software projects.
— Chase H., Techtonic Apprentice
I love the variety of exposure we are getting as we have been placed in different clinics around Fort Collins. It has been helpful to be able to observe and even step into so many different situations. I appreciate that we are trusted to help with different procedures because this gives us good practice. All of the hands-on practice has been great.
— Healthcare Apprentice