Modern Youth Apprenticeship

Tomorrow's talent today.


CareerWise Colorado works with industry leaders to identify the most in-demand and hard-to-fill positions to create a talent-development program that builds the workforce your business will need to compete tomorrow.

The three-year apprenticeship ensures that the investment you make in your community’s young people will provide tangible ROI based on their production, establish a pipeline of workers for middle-skill positions and contribute to your diversified workforce.



Modern Youth Programs

The Apprentice Experience

Learn about businesses in Colorado have been leveraging modern youth apprenticeship to augment their talent acquisition strategies and gain a competitive advantage. Some industries are facing an aging workforce, while others simply can’t find workers with the proper skillset to keep up with market demand. 



Growing Interest

It's the right time for a modern youth apprenticeship

There’s a growing interest in apprenticeship in America. Businesses are struggling to find workers for their most in-demand jobs, the economy is bracing for retirement of the Baby Boomer generation, student debt is exploding, and the K-12 education system is admirably searching for the best ways to prepare students for the cultural shift that automation and on-demand knowledge dropping at this generation’s doorstep.


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